I have SERIOUS opinions about Taylor Swift.

Eitan Levine is a New York based writer and comedian/human theme park. Through articles, videos, a documentary series and live broadcasts his work has been seen by hundreds of millions across the globe.  He has previously been staffed as a journalist/producer/on-air talent at Elite Daily, Cheddar, Mashable and several other publications. He has also worked on creative projects with companies like Nike, Red Bull, JEEP, Audible, Tru TV and others. In 2017, Eitan was hired as a writer for "Hollywood Says," China's only celebrity talk show filming in the U.S.. During his time at Cheddar, his series "Money Menu" and "Business of Going Viral” were the highest rated shows on the channel. His work has been covered by the New York Post, Daily Beast, Jerusalem Post, Algemeiner, BroBible, New York Magazine, several Taylor Swift message boards, Glen Beck once for some reason and other few other news sources.

As part of a documentary series for Elite Daily, Eitan ended up pitching and writing the porn parody version of the musical “Hamilton” to an actual porn studio called Wood Rocket. They picked up his pitch and “Hamiltoe” (get it?) was released at the end of 2017.

Eitan ended up winning the 2019 AVN Award for Best Clever Title with “Hamiltoe.”

Another part of the documentary had Eitan embedded with the paparazzi for a week in Los Angeles. To date, the video has been viewed over 1.5 million times. A piece of the video was even showcased in an episode of “EXTRA” where Mario Lopez commented that the project was “crazy stuff.”

Other credits include writing for the Emmy awarding winning sports segment “5 For Fischler,” being one of 30 finalists in the running to live in the MLB FanCave 2013 and posing for a picture featured in The New York Times while holding a sign that said “PALIN! CALL ME” with his cell phone number underneath. He’s also been featured as a performer at the New South Comedy Festival, Motor City Comedy Fest, Baltimore Comedy Festival, Colonial Theater in Pittsfield, Comedy Mob Fest, New York Comedy Festival various clubs around New York city and colleges across the east coast.

None of my favorite sports teams have won a championship since 1994.

He also once threw a 5 day comedy festival in his apartment called “Apartment Fest.” It had 6 sponsors, which is crazy.